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FGM will ensemble the Tax Defense team for their clients. Our accountants and lawyers will ensure that the government' audits will comport with the legal rights of the taxpayer clients.

We stand by our clients in Tax Court and will litigate all viable defenses to protect the taxpayer client from wrongful conclusions of fact and law by the government.

FGM will provide the best defense that exist against any criminal charges that are brought by the government. Tax criminal cases by nature are difficult. We believe the taxpayer client has the right to challange the government in a criminal prosecution.

We will scruptiously examine the revenue agents audit and press the government as to when they claim they had evidence of fraud.We will examine the IDR's that were proffered by the revenue agent to determine if the underlying audit was improperly used as a criminal investigation. FGM's team will fight for our clients and will hold the government accountable as to it' responsibilities.

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