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Our History-FGM is a law firm that provides legal services to law firms, corporate entities, government agencies and individuals. FGM is noted for visionary delivery of superior legal services. This vision is rooted in our firm’s history. In 1990, Gerard McCabe started his legal career with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, as a trial attorney, prosecuting complicated felonies.

In 1995, Mr. McCabe left the DA’s office and formed a commercial transactional firm with the Republican Minority Leader of New York City Council. It was at that time, McCabe became General Counsel to a leading Democratic elected official. McCabe’s charge to the firm, was to run the litigation practice. In January, 2002, McCabe expanded his services to include more complex commercial transactions. He moved his practice into midtown Manhattan. The new firm was McCabe & Associates which developed a stellar association with law firms and partnerships that provided top flight transactional services and litigation to the commercial sector. McCabe & Associates earned a reputation as a hands on law firm which took on the tough cases.

The firm’s reputation grew as masters of e-discovery, litigation and aggressive results in favour of their clients. The firm’s expertise with respect to document production, legal document creation, litigation and transactional support was burnished with international transactions and litigation. FG McCabe & Associates, PLLC, was formed in January, 2012.

Pro Bono
Giving back to the community is a driving force behind FGM. The many years of experience between our attorneys include providing countless needy people free legal services. The Firms Pro Bono work is a proud element of our practice. The firm is particularly proud of our pro bono immigration work.

FGM’s dedication to a sustainable environment is paramount to our charge. We have provided significant pro bono services to government agencies, utilities and energy developers with the goal of reducing the carbon footprint of energy producers

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