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Corporate Compliance & White Collar Criminal Defense

  • Compliance & Prevention

White Collar criminal investigations and prosecution have grown exponentially over the past few years. Government regulations have imposed voluminous documentation requirements across varied business sectors. The use of internet delivery protocols and mailing services is being used to confer federal jurisdiction.

Although the federal sentencing guidelines are no longer mandatory, the facts are they are used to impose long prison sentences.

FGM's lawyers are former federal and state prosecutors. We know how to keep corporate clients out of jail. We have a robust preventive program that is rooted in compliance. The cost of prevention surely outweighs the devastating cost of investigation and prosecution.

  •  Criminal Defense

We provide vigorous defenses to those corporations and or corporate officers that become parties of interest, subjects or targets of criminal investigations.
FGM's Attorneys are experienced trial attorneys and will zealously represent those accused of crimes by the government.

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