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Your goal is to possess an estate plan with the potential to become a meaningful legacy for your family or favorite charity. That’s a worthy goal; focusing, developing and creating a program that embodies a vision that is yours alone. Our plans contain pragmatic goals which are achievable and goals which transcend the financial. Every situation, your tolerance for risk, your time horizon and the things that make you tick are unique.

It is the tendency of may to put off estate planning until late in life. However, estate planning benefits individuals in every stage of life. Estate plans are flexible and can be updated to reflect new circumstances as your life progresses.

For more than a quarter-century, we’ve carried on our tradition of helping individuals and families understand the complexities of state and federal laws, the vagaries of tax codes and the intricate psychology of assembling an extraordinary legacy plan. Specialists in such disparate arenas as cross-border issues, taxes, geriatric care, college funding, retirement issues, option and bonus planning, and business succession planning, in addition to a coterie of psychologists and others – can help transform your legacy into something as extraordinary as you’d always envisioned.

A myriad of issues can impact your life, and those of others, as aging occurs. Compiling resources to help you to cope and understanding any relevant issues are critical components in securing your future. Some documents worthy of your consideration are health care proxies, conservatorships, nursing, hospice or home care.

An experienced estate planning attorney can assist you in navigating the estate planning process and setting goals for your future.

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