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Your legacy is determined by much more than the assets you own and will pass to your heirs. This area of expertise requires more than legal advise; it involves financial, psychological and emotional components that cannot be ignored when fashioning an estate plan that will work for more than one generation. We have the depth and breath of organization to be creative and thorough in working with you to craft a legacy that has personal meaning for you now and which will remain alive for future generations.

Our approach includes more that the traditional estate plan. We help uncover areas of concern for multiple generations, we can help you with asset allocation and investment guidance as part of a comprehensive engagement. If you want to create an estate plan with a meaningful legacy for your family or favorite charity, we can help you focus, develop and create a program you will want to make part of your life. Our plans ideally incorporate achievable goals. Goals can be crucial, and not just on a financial level. Your situation, your tolerance for risk, your time horizon and the things that make you tick are unique. We listen, helping you to create a customized legacy that epitomizes you for those who may follow. If you are concerned with the myriad of issues potentially impacting your own life as you age, we have compiled resources that can be critical for coping and comprehending.

In addition, our firm has a resource council to help with geriatric planning, elder law issues, Medicaid and Medicare planning, college planning and retirement planning, because all of these separate areas are often integral if a plan is to be a living, vibrant workable estate.

For more than a quarter-century we have been helping individuals and families of both rich and modest means to understand the complexities of the state and federal laws, the tax code and the psychology involved in representing life in a legacy plan.

We work with experts in many disciplines to help you craft the perfect trust or estate. Our consultants are versed in diverse situational outcomes ranging from cross-border issues, taxes, geriatric care, college funding, retirement issues, option and bonus planning, and business succession planning. For example, our psychological consultants often assist clients in areas traditionally ignored by estate planners. We work with many professionals from the law, accounting, medicine and psychology fields to help us understand the needs our clients potentially face and to help our clients as the need arises.

Our experience includes wills of all kinds, revocable and irrevocable trusts, beneficiary designations, pet trusts, special needs trusts, and exit strategy planning for family businesses.

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