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FGM’s lawyers represent global energy, producers, distributors, traders, and derivative aggregators. We are experts in gas, electricity, hydrogen fuel cell and waste stream derivative energy transactions.

Developers in East Africa, Municipalities in Asia, producers in Europe and varied parties in North American have sought to FGM’s advice.

We understand the issues concerning climate change and climate litigation. Property Casualty Insurers and Reinsurers are paying out on increasing claims due to the increase in catastrophic whether events. Communities and Businesses are filing lawsuits regularly against large emission emitters.

Climate Change Risk Management Plans and Procedures which reduce enterprise emissions will be the difference for those companies that survive climate regulations and litigation. Insureres will look for such plans to reduce the unacceptable exposure to risk they bear.

FGM knows how to create a climate risk management program for insurance carriers, large energy producers, distributers and users.


FGM’s lawyers are top tier litigators who know this arena. Knowledge of the issues of climate litigation and the expertise we bring to the bar, will provide the difference to the Plaintiff and the Defense bar.

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