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F.G. McCabe & Associates PLLC This law firm is a New York Law Firm with strategic partnership with the Global Law Firm, Keogh Law Group. The global partnership maintains offices in New York, USA; London, UK; Belfast, Ireland and Pune, India. FG McCabe is led by Gerard McCabe, Esq. He is a member of the New York State Bar, admitted to practice in the New York Appellate and Trial Courts, the United States Federal District Courts and the United States Supreme Court.  McCabe has been practicing law for over 20 years. He is a former New York City prosecutor. In this capacity, he handled complex felony trials and complex criminal investigations. After serving New York City as an experienced prosecutor, McCabe opened up a commercial transaction practice with the former minority leader of the New York City Council, Thomas Ognibene. The Firm, Ognibene & McCabe provided skillful commercial transactional services to the real estate and construction industries of New York City. During his partnership with Ognibene, McCabe returned to the public sector as Counsel to New York Assemblywoman Marge Markey, at the request of leading public officials. The demands of public sector required that McCabe leave Ognibene & McCabe and concentrate on his duties to the public. After completing this tour of duty, McCabe opened a litigation and transaction law firm in Manhattan with a former colleague from the District Attorney’s Office. Tucker & McCabe concentrated on complex commercial litigation. The firm’s expertise in all facets of litigation required a solid litigation support methodology. The ability to integrate emergency relief applications into scheduled calendar litigation was accomplished due to the methodology of legal support devised and employed by the firm. In January, 2002, McCabe desired to expand the legal services he provided to include commercial transactions. McCabe & Associates became the new firm located in midtown Manhattan. Gerard McCabe built a stellar association of law firms and partnerships that provided top flight transactional services, including mergers and acquisitions, global teaming agreements in the Energy and Medtech fields. In addition, the solid litigation skills and support methodology was deployed on behalf of their clients to cover complex tax investigations, high profile criminal investigations, complex multi-party commercial litigations and multi-party tort litigation. Mr. McCabe is also a successful entrepreneur. In 2003, He built out a successful Real Estate company called GEMB REALTY SERVICES, INC. This company went from the successful start-up to build out and to a successful exit strategy with the merger to the global energy firm KPC GEMB, LTD in 2005. McCabe brings the firm the benefit of consulting and building new firms that provide investors with successful exit strategies and corporate growth for start-up firms.

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