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Trade Secrets

FGM has the experinced IP attorneys who are capable of judging the strategic market points in deciding to chose between Patent Protection and Trade Secret Protection for their clients.

FGM's lawyers have the capability and commercial experience to construct hybrid Patent/Trade Secret strategies in the IP portfolio development.

FGM lawyers will examine the potential commerical factors in order to determine the legal eligibility of securing Trade Secret Protection.

Once the eligibility is established,our expert attorneys will draft the Trade Secret Protection Plan.

Our Trade Secret lawyers will conduct regular Trade Secret audits that will serve to maintain the protective nature of this important IP of our clients.

We will draft all the Non Disclosure, Non Circumvention Agreements and Third Party Trade Secret Protection Agreements for employees,vendors and all key parties that need to be exposed to our client's Trade Secrets to discharge their duties.

FGM will pursue any thefts of our client's Trade Secrets with solid law enforcement.


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